5 thoughts on “volvo nimbus rc nitro boats”

  1. My son has the same …
    My son has the same boat, it sank! Thankfully got it back and filled the nose with expanding foam.

  2. my brother just …
    my brother just ordered that boat but we didnt receive it yet. why does it sink when it flips? does water get within the hull? so if you put foam in the hull it won’t sink?

  3. thanks for the …
    thanks for the advice, as i have already flipped it running it in ,i put foam in the hull already, thanks for watching.

  4. Gday
    I had a boat …

    I had a boat the same as this and it was just as quick. But i was driving it in the murray river and flipped it and sunk it in about 6 meteres of muddy murky water. So i had to say goodbye to it. Forever.
    My advice is to put in some expander foam or styrofoam or something similiar up the nose and where ever it fits because when they flip they sink right to the the bottom.

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