12 thoughts on “1/4 scale Rocket hydroplane RC gas boat”

  1. the industry better …
    the industry better learn to muffle the noise or music, or there will be no place to run them at some point.

  2. prather S275. i’ve …
    prather S275. i’ve since dropped the prop a bit, it runs a lot better in slightly choppy water, that water was too smooth & it stuck too much.

  3. If it’s a stepped …
    If it’s a stepped hull, it is a Hydroplane. They were the first design of Hydro. What size prop you using? It seems to be set to high and not enough in the water.

  4. not trying to be …
    not trying to be mean man
    cool boat
    but it looks like its holding back
    from going full speed

  5. actually it is, …
    actually it is, it’s a stepped hull and by the definition of Hydroplane it qualifies, it also says so on the original plans.

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