Admiral Electric Boat 2nd Run & The Vortex 46 Nitro Boat

This is the second run of the admiral 40 inch electric speed boat. I had the battery pack in the correct spot this time, but it did not go much faster at all.

I also ran my Vortex 46 nitro powered air boat. It is way faster.



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Self made electric RC boat run #1

Sound may be running to fast to go with the video, atleast that’s what I’ve noticed in WMP.

Testing out my self made rc boat. Just testing steering and acceleration. Soon a vid with a top plate so water can’t go in anymore.
It’s not going on full power yet because the correct weight from the top isn’t on it yet, so the prop goes deeper in the water.
All the parts are from my old RC car, some triplex wood and a plexiglas plate.

Duration : 0:0:53

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Fast Remote Control (RC) Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Speed Boat Model by

This Chris Craft Triple Cockpit 33″ wooden museum quality speed boat model is remote controlled and produced by″ long x 9″ Wide x 7″ High (1:8 scale). Plank on frame construction where each strip of wood is applied to the hull one at a time. The hull is converted to float and not to let water in. Speed boat reaches up to 20-25 mph. Comes with long distance high quality remote control. Battery for the boat is rechargeable. Boat comes with rechargeable battery and charger. Plank on frame construction where each strip of wood is applied to the hull one at a time. Made from heartwood honduras mahogany. One of the highest quality mahoganies available and typically used for real boats. Highly polished smooth finish. Many layers of paint and varnish applied. Each layer is left to dry and micro sanded before another layer is applied. Plush leather seats. Brass and stainless steel fittings (propellers, steering wheel, horns, etc.) – No plastic parts. Dashboard has realistic gauges/switches. Meticulously painted like the actual Chris Craft Triple Cockpit. To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as drawings, copies of original plans and photos of the actual ship.

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AquaCraft V24 Gas Vee Boat RTR- Gull Wing Gas radio control Boat

The Aquacraft V24 One Design has certainly been a hit with me. The size is perfect for drawing some attention out on the lake, and the fact that it uses traditional pump gas instead of nitro makes it very affordable in the long run. It can move across the surface of the lake very quickly, throwing a ton of water in its wake. Even boating veteran’s will love the fact that it comes set up to allow an optional third servo control the propeller angle, giving you the ability to alter the boat’s behavior on the fly.

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Indy Admirals Indoor Fun Run MASSIVE R/C electric Boat Yacht Ship

This was shot at our Winter Fun Run at the Plainfield Recreation & Aquatic Center. This is a HUGE model brought by our President, Gene. Very impressive to say the least! Everyone stopped what they were doing when this beautiful boat was placed in the water.

Duration : 0:5:33

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Is it conspiracy of Hong Kong Council for Substainable Development lost 2,000 completed forms in air quality?

Hong Kong’s foul air has raised a public survey in collecting the opinion from the publics. The Hong Kong Council for Subtainable Development is responsible for collecting questionaires from the concerned citizens. The council’s spokesperson revealed that 2,000 of 7,000 completed forms had lost ten days after the survey. Many sensible citizens know that the cause of foul air are the two fossil fuel power generating stations,the car flow capacity of 400 per kilometer, many outdated diesel buses and vans and ferry boats, and the cars park with idling engines. Many citizens are cynical to the Hong Kong government for air quality improvement. Every one knows about Donald Tsang Yum-Keun lied on TV in air quality’s. The Environment Control Dept. lied on radio show by saying that the Hong Kong air quality has improved dramatically. My ass! Most outdoor residents feel Hong Kong air is getting worsen each day. Eight years ago the press said that Hong Kong become not liveable in ten years period
I am quite sure many years ago (probably 8), many local newspapers published articles indicating that Hong Kong would become not suitable for human to live. Many educators and scientists from all over the world and Hong Kong published articles in the topics of Hong Kong foul air would turn Hong Kong to a not suitable for human inhabitant. I think some powerful and bad people in Hong Kong intend to intervine the public to press for the improvement of air quality.
I think that Hong Kong government must do something to improve and control what described. Put pressure to the two power generating stations by imposing them a big fine if they don’t change by using environment protect fuels.The Hong Kong think tank should think about hybrid engines, Euro 5 and even the outdated Euro 4, ban conventional diesel fuel and replace by compatable ones.

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